Full Stack Design is the latest sensation in the Web Development Hemisphere and is quite relatable to the ever-evolving Development Environment around the World. A Full-Stack Web Developer is someone who is skilled enough to work on both the front-end and back-end portions of an application. They are fully responsible for the complete development cycle from its scratch Idea to its final Development.

A Full Stack Developer or his team is responsible basically for designing the User Interface, how the Users interact with the Application UI, how the Application UI interacts with the Server, preparing the UI Prototypes and the Final Development.

If you want to ace in Full-Stack Web Development and land high-paying programming jobs, below are some traits you should learn.

1. Know UX Design –  A Full Stack Developer is a specialist who prefers working equally good in back-end and front-end. User Experience plays a pivotal role in the success or failure of an Application. You need to go through the Semantic HTML,  learning the CSS Box Model, CSS preprocessors and what their benefits for software development and the most important Bootstrap. You can start with these Free Website Development Tools and create your own hassle-free masterpiece.

2. Design the UX – Every Application has its own look and feel which give each and every app a unique signature. This Visual Preparations start from Logo design and also cover Widgets, Tables and Layouts. Photoshop Designers initially finalize the UX, then prepare the UI Design on Photoshop, once everything is finalized, the App cycle is made to move forward towards the next stage of prototyping.

3. Play with the Javascript –  JavaScript is the most popular language in both Full-Stack, Front-end, and Back-end Development. As a Full-Stack Developer, you need to understand how to work with DOM, JSON. You are required to know at least one framework, developing a good understanding of javascript will eventually gonna help you in picking up any framework. Learn how Asynchronous control flow, promises, and callbacks work. Become Javascript Ninja by following some simple steps.

4. Learn Back End Language – There are so many languages, choose one language and focus entirely on that. Deep dive in that language and get a thorough understanding of each and every concept. Grasp a good command over things like database operations, user authentication, and application logic.

5. Commanding over Databases & Web Storage – While developing an application it is equally important to store the data. Acquaint yourself with NoSQL databases and relational data. Understand how to link a database and a back-end language you’ve chosen. Knowledge of Web storage to store sessions, cookies, and cached data in the browser.

6. Knowledge of Browser APIs – A Full Stack Designer must be aware of what APIs can be used in his/her Application to make it more interactive and intuitive. The age of plugins is over, now browsers come with its inbuilt APIs that are now accessible using JavScript.

7. Explore more about HTTP – It is a stateless application protocol which allows clients and servers to stay in a regular connection. No matter what website you work with, knowing HTTPS is a crucial thing to learn. Learn these things fundamental points about REST, using Chrome DevTools and SSL certificates.

8. Know Web Application Architecture –  Once you think you have grasped all the above-listed skill and knowledge you’ll need to know how to structure your code, how to separate your files, host your large media files, structure the data in your database, how to perform certain computational tasks, and much more.

9. Grasp the power of Git – Git allows developers working on a team to keep a track of all changes being made to a codebase. Learn the concept behind Git to understand how to properly get the latest code that you’ve missed, update parts of the code, make fixes, and change other devel code without breaking things.

10. Solidify Basic Algorithms & Data Structures – All the top-notch companies mainly focus on topics like tree traversal, sorting, algorithm analysis, matrix manipulation, etc. So you need to learn mainly queues and stacks, why caching is so important when working with a large amount of data, basics of Big-O analysis, data structures.

Any full-stack developer should track his knowledge to keep running with the technological advancements. Full-stack development is great for those who don’t like to focus on one field and always prefer complicated tasks. Go extra mile if you want to become a great full-stack developer.