Frequently Asked Questions

What is MockRabbit?

MockRabbit is a Natural Language Processing (NLP), Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning based application. It helps people give mock interviews to which is converted into text and compared with the system answers to tell you exactly how much you will score if that same question is asked during the interview.

Why MockRabbit?

Getting the right kind of job is becoming tougher each year. Employers are looking for the candidates who are prepared for the job challenge. The MockRabbit team constantly research the questions, answers and the technologies that can work together to help you develop answering strategies, time management, assessment criteria and modern interviewing practices. Using the MockRabbit app and giving frequent mock interview will benefit you immensely as you get trained in all the aspects of interviewing best practices than wasting your time hunting for the questions on the internet.

What is the prerequisite for using this app?

There is no prerequisite as such. Download the app, sign up and start giving mock interview right away. It will help you assess your current readiness and you can prepare your learning strategy to master the skills necessary for you to get hired. You can keep giving the mock interviews until you master the subject.

How many mock interviews should I give to gain the confidence?

There are no fixed numbers you can go for as many as you want till you start gaining better results and a ting of confidence.

What if I lose my credits without giving any mock interview?

In that case, just submit your query to us at info[at], our team will immediately give the credit to your respective account after verifying the facts.

How secure my data is?

All your information is strictly confidential. We don’t save your audio session on our system. We also don’t save your identity along with the text of the answer we have converted based on your audio.

My audio is not recording. What should I do?

Check out whether you have granted the permission to your audio to the MockRabbit app or not. You can also try adjusting the volume and distance with your phone. We suggest you use the headphone with a mic to better record your audio and also give mock interview hasslefree.

Is it completely free?

We gift you free mock sessions when you sign up. You will need to buy further mock sessions by paying the fee on our app.

What kind of questions can I expect in the mock test?

Currently, we are focusing on technical competencies, programming concepts, and project skills. Our question and answer research team is busy adding more sections and features ongoing basis.

Do these questions repeat?

No, in every interview you will encounter a different set of questions best matching to your profile and skill sets.