Today a lot of developers are inclining towards javascript and the biggest challenge they are facing is to figure out the right resource from where they can learn. So, this blog is dedicated to each and every person who has connected with JavaScript anyhow.


A key point to always remember never bother with the advanced stuff unless it’s absolutely necessary. Most of the times you’ll use JavaScript for are very top-level and superficial. So, it is required to get the syntax, loops, types, etc all down first. Don’t ever confuse yourself with the more difficult aspects of it until you’ve conquered the beginner level.

1. Read Dedicated Books – Reading a blog post or accessing free pdf will help you get bits and pieces but won’t let you excel. So the first and foremost tip is to read books on the subject matter only because the Web itself presents a chaotic and distracting medium.

One can start with the following books:

JavaScript the Good Parts is considered as the bible of JavaScript. It is an old one, but still the best for beginners.

JavaScript: The Definitive Guide is most of the developer’s first love, though you will probably keep it as a reference. John Resig’s Secrets of the JavaScript Ninja is also notable for starting out.  Also, note Mozilla’s Developer Network has a good guide on JavaScript.

Reading Books

2. Learn the Core JavaScript – Learn in detail about loops, iteration, Numbers, String, Arrays, Map, Filter and Reduce, Objects, Functions, Expressions, and operators, etc. The more you know about it, the more powerful you become. Keep practicing these core topics and play as much as you can.

Learn Core Concepts

3. Learn, Read and Use Libraries – For making use of libraries first, get acquainted with the following concepts such as jQuery, Backbone, underscore and one of React, Angular or Ember. Improve your functional programming skills by reading and understanding these libraries. React and Ember is the toughest library but are worth to learn if you really want to give your everything to become javascript ninja.

Use Library

4. Participate in active forums – Post your queries and answer others will give you an analytic bend of thinking of any sort of problems. Set a small milestone for yourself and do plenty of exercises in node.js. Do a lot of exercises and ask questions to yourself.

5. Learn the latest Standards – Get a copy of the latest ECMAScript standard and try reading it. ECMAScript is just a standard which JavaScript follows. After reading it, you will also feel very confident in JavaScript because then you will know how JavaScript has evolved over time and what changes have been made in javascript.

6. Youtube – Although it is a great platform but you can trust only a few contents available on youtube. Here are some recommendations based on the quality. Learn Code Academy it contains really good stuff. The New Boston has great JavaScript tutorials which include ES6, React & Redux and NodeJs. Fun fun function it has a great playlist such as Object Creation in JavaScript,  Functional Programming in JavaScript.


In nutshell, making a lot of projects and repeating these exercises will improve your JavaScript skills impeccably.  After going through all the stuff listed above, you will be able to start digging over the internet by yourself, searching for things only which matters to you the most.