How to use this guide?

Fueled by ever-evolving modern technology paradigm and constantly expanding the application of technologies provides a highly promising career. You are assured of attracting higher salary, spending your time doing more meaningful work and feeling a sense of accomplishment for making an impact in the lives of people across the globe.
You can use this guide to develop clarity and confidence knowing what it takes to succeed whether you are thinking of getting into it, studying, looking to launch your career, want to transition into tech or looking to upgrade your position.
Section 1 will guide you with the insights you can use to plan your ultimate life goals, your immediate career goals, life priorities, develop tech career roadmap, and have an action blueprint to guide your path acquiring skills, developing your personality and preparing yourself to get your dream job.

Section 2 will help you guide you to put your efforts to scope out your learning plan, strategies for effective learning, courses you can choose and practice your skills to become the best one whom the hiring manager can’t ignore.
Section 3 is dedicated to the job search, finding the right companies for your chosen career path, social networking for career success, resume making, cover letter and how to communicate effectively with the hiring manager.
Section 4 is your guide to understand the interviewing process and interview tips you can use to master it to crack the coding interview with confidence.
And lastly, section 5 is for you to learn the tactics you can use during the onboarding and delivering better result and attracting the attention of your employer with positive results.