I’m hoping you are still with me on this journey to make yourself a rockstar software developer. But coding is not just about writing an endless amount of workable code, it is about differentiating yourself from everyone else who writes code, that is what will make you a rockstar developer.


In theory, you need to be 10x times the normal developer to be called a rockstar developer. Sounds tough, doesn’t it? Don’t worry, I’ve broken down the secret into smaller modules just like you would break down a big complex code, I hope.


The demand for good, qualified programmers is higher than ever.  As per the recent survey by StackOverflow, most developers work full-time for somebody else, and about 10% of them freelance. Only 5% of developers who want to work are currently unemployed — much better employment stats than pretty much any field.


But Wait,

Out of 1.5 million people who show up to become a software developer, only 10% of them get their break and only 3% are able to get to work for the dream companies where they write meaningful code, build real software and earn 6 figure income year on year than the rest of people.


And the most of those who’ve been in the top tier, their surest path to success is getting into the ritual of deep work – learning, practicing and delivering result through focused work.


Warning: When I say deep work, it means not jumping from your code editor to a chat room to a social network, to an email to a pantry or getting into a meaningless conversation with people.


You might look and feel busy, and you might even ship lots of code, but when was it that you shipped something that has created a meaningful impact in the lives of people around you, your company, your client, your society, your country, and your world?


If you are curious, let me share with you how the 10x developers get there so that you can too:

Every day, a few hours of undistracted, deep work produces more quantity and quality than a full day of scattered and distracted work.Start building the habits of doing deep work with Pomodoro technique:

  • Each Pomodoro is an interval of 25 minutes of pure work followed by a five-minute break.
  • After setting a timer for 25 minutes, dedicate yourself to intense, distraction-free work. This means no checking your phone, answering email, or opening a new tab in your web browser. Avoid anything that would interrupt the task at hand.
  • Once the 25 minutes is up, stop working immediately and take a five-minute break to disconnect from your work. You can take a small walk, stretch, drink a glass of water, or anything else that does not require much mental effort.
  • After four Pomodoros, take a longer 15- to 30-minute break.

You’ll find it’s easier to get into a flow state, and it will happen more often.

This is when the hard thing that’s been kicking your ass becomes easy.

This is when your coding skills level up exponentially.

This is when you are firmly placed in the league of top 3% creamy layer of software developers doing meaningful work every day.

The demand for good, qualified programmers is higher than ever. The surest path to success is getting into the ritual of deep, focused work. Try it out and let me know what you think. If you have other productivity techniques, hit the comment button to share it with me!

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