A lot of companies, to reduce cost spent on resources when conducting hiring processes use telephone screening to get a fair idea about the candidate before interviewing them in person. This helps the company in checking the communications skill of the candidate as well as if they’ve some knowledge which fits the role which they are interviewing for.

Putting together your concerted efforts to make your interview, identify right jobs, employers and making an application together have resulted in getting you to the telephonic interview. A first step towards establishing your fitment for the position and guiding hiring manager to consider you for the next round.


Here are a few quick tips for you to ace telephonic interview:
  • Prior to your telephonic interview go through the resume, job description and visualize questions you may be asked during the interview.
  • Keep a copy of resume and job description handy so that you can refer them if interviewer guides you to a specific point.
  • Choose a good spot free of noises, distractions, and telecom signal disturbances. Ask people around you not to disturb or distract you during the interview.
  • Dress up for the interview even if you are giving the interview from your home. It will help you be in a positive frame of mind. Answer questions with ease, giving full attention to it and feel happy, bright and confident.
  • Treat the interview like the onsite interview as it involves elimination. It would be unfortunate if you get eliminated at this stage.
  • If asked about your salary, travel or any other benefits don’t start discussing it on phone. You’ll have a plenty of time to discuss it during the face-to-face interview.
  • Prior to concluding the interview, ask the interviewer if they have any further question and also you can ask what the next step will be in the hiring process. This will help you start preparing for the next step.
  • Say thank you while closing the interview, even if you feel that the interview didn’t go well.


Your main focus during the telephonic screening should be on getting across your points lucidly and intelligently. This is even more imperative if you’re giving the interview to a person from foreign shores since pronunciations differ vastly in different countries.

You’ve begun to advance in the direction of getting your dream job to live the life which you have imagined and your persistence and determination will guide your path.

You’ve found a better way to do the telephonic interview, do it.

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