As it is said “A good programmer is someone who always looks both ways before crossing a one-way street. -Doug Linder”

Java developers or any techie need to keep refining and updating their skills to stay marketable.

Thankfully we do have ample resources from where we can hone these skills. In this blog, we have filtered out only those books which we found very helpful in transforming a programmer’s journey and changing the dynamics completely.

We have taken care of both beginners and experts while creating this list. You might have read some of the books but every time you read these book it will be a completely new experience.

1Java: A Beginner’s Guide – If you are starting from scratch then you will fall in love with this book. Regardless of the level of knowledge about programming, if you want to learn Java, this book is just for you. Examples demonstrated here is very simple which could be easily understood by any naive. If you are planning to buy this book then go for its 6th edition only. 

Java: A Beginner’s Guide


2. Effective Java – No matter you have just started programming or you have an expertise, Effective Java by Joshua Bloch makes you gaga. The writing is very detailed and comes handy when you are facing any designing issue. One can incorporate coding ideas from the book into their coding style.

3. Clean Code – The main idea of this book is to get you started with writing clean, readable, simple, easy to test code. The book is well crafted and the first half of this book is worth read. The plus point of this book is that it includes tons of coding examples, including some fairly long and in-depth ones. 

Clean Code


4. Sams Teach Yourself Java in 24 Hours – This book totally justifies its name. If you know a bit of programming and have a strong will to learn, you can actually grasp a grip within no time. The major strength of this book is the challenges which it throws after every concept. 

Sams Teach Yourself Java in 24 Hours


5Java Performance: The Definitive Guide – Get your hands on a different scenario which you can face while coding.  It touches every aspect of Java language including garbage collection heap memory, native memory, threading, synchronization etc. A must-read book for everybody who wants to be a better Java developer. 


6. Head First Design Patterns – This book can change your world as a programmer and it presents even a complicated topic in a fun & readable way. One can get a good overview of design patterns.  

It also helps you in avoiding the pitfalls of applying the patterns blindly.

Head First Design Patterns


7. Head First Java – One can easily correlate java programming concepts to real life. If you want to acquire a great grip over OOPS concepts then we would recommend Head First Java. The book is very informative and made it a bit easier to learn.

Head First Java


8. Core Java Volume I — Fundamentals – It is written very concisely and one can take their Java skills to next level after reading this book. Also get useful approaches to developing code in different situations. 

It covers a lot of issues and caters that almost every Java developer encounters in their programming carrier.


9. Head First Object-Oriented Analysis and Design-   Best book for people who have just started programming and need a quick introduction to the topic of OOA&D.  It’s worth reading this book one can derive great learning from this.

It also explains how to analyze, design, and write serious object-oriented software: software that’s easy to reuse, maintain and extend.

Head First Object-Oriented Analysis and Design


10. Test Driven – Java is the language blessed with Junit and we know how important is testing to developers. If you are really serious about code quality and writing unit, integration, and automation test, Test Driven is the book to read in 2019.


All these books are going to aid in your coding journey. Comment below your book which you are definitely going to read this year.