A Definitive Guide to Career


A Successful Career requires the planning, designing, and implementing of a system that allows you to deliver your genius (interests, skills, and personality) in a meaningful, efficient, consistent and rewarding way.


Even though success having a different meaning for different people, it revolves around mental, spiritual, physical, family, financial, personal and career growth.
Every successful person plans for these and then does things to improve these areas with full attention and energy.


Skills, abilities, and personalities are the bricks with which you will lay a path to your life goals and build pillars to support it. Every day, you should improve on these areas to sleep a better person than you woke up in the morning. Don’t spoil the journey


Setting yourself up for success
Prepare your resume considering how you would like it to be 10 years from now. You will be instantly traveling yourself into the future assessing the present, looking forward, cutting your weaknesses and start moving on.
When you focus on your intentions for success, then success expands. And, when you look at your future resume, you have set your intention to continually be serving your highest good with your choices which lead to fulfillment and success.


7 Secrets of career life success
Employers don’t just look for your skills and abilities, but also unique values you offer compared to other people. As a most suitable candidate for the job, you must have 7 secret qualities:
(1) Your ability to solve problems will be the first quality an employer will look in you.
(2) Be a self-learner and keep learning
(3) Make things meaningful giving your magic touch to it
(4) People control resources, opportunities, information and everything else. Your network is your circle of influence.
(5) Practice to communicate with clarity
(6) Show up your mastery over handling the unexpected situations
(7) Life is short, enjoy it too.


Job search is a marathon, not a sprint
Searching for the right job requires endurance and dedication, and can take longer than you might think. There are 1000s of other people who are eyeing for the same job that you do. You need to plan, develop skills, practice and invest time in landing in the job you want.


Career development process goes through a 4-step process of self-assessment, exploration, focus and job search. Start it by doing a self assessment, ask yourself these questions:
Why am I?
What are my interests?
What kind of skills and abilities do I have?
What are my work-related values
What is my work style?


Exploring Career Choices involves knowing well in advance the answers to questions such as:
What opportunities are out there for me?
What options do I have from available opportunities?
Would I prefer working for business, startup, large enterprise or social sector?
What job fits my current skills and capabilities?
What careers and industries where my skills are most used?


Making decisions about career choices is not an easy one. It will remain right in front of your face and largely impact how you are going to change your life forever.
– What industry and organizations are a good fit?
– What do I need to be competitive?
– Who can connect me to these organizations?


Approach a job search action plan with considering the interests, skills and career choices that you have made. Job search is full-time work. Develop a well thought out plan and commit yourself to it. Be ready and focus on the following:
– Resume
– Interview schedules
– Networking with people
– Researching more options
– Continuously practicing interview questions


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