Due to PHP’s enormous popularity, it has turned out to be relatively inconceivable for Web designers not to have at least a working knowledge of PHP. This blog is dedicated for those individuals who are at the starting phases of learning PHP and have set up their sleeves and get their hands filthy with the language. These tools will accelerate capability and make the code considerably more responsive, cleaner and more streamlined for execution.

1. eclipse.org – Eclipse been created keeping in mind developers working with Java code. Later on due to its immense popularity and usage, it has been extended to include language such as PHP. This tool is an open source which comes with power pact features such as formatting of code, syntax highlighting, unit testing, debugging, content testing and much more. Know more about Eclipse here.



2. xampp.org – XAMP is a free and open-source cross-platform web server solution. There is a huge community behind xamp. It is incredibly easy to use and install. It includes an easy control panel for all the components. Know more about xampp here.



3. zephir-lang.com – Now easily enhance your PHP frameworks or libraries by making them faster with zaphir.  It is a dynamically or statically typed, some of its features can be familiar to most of the PHP developers. Know more about zephir here.

Zephir lang


4DebugBar – All the web developers just love this tool. It can easily find out the HTML and javascript bugs. It comes free of cost loaded with certain impeccable features such as evaluate your javascript, inspect any CSS elements, make immediate changes to directly HTML. Know more about DebugBar here.



5. Git – Easy to learn and can handle everything from small to very large projects with lightning speed and efficiency. Its command line interface is relatively easy to learn. Know more about Git here.



6. PHPStorm – Best IDE used for building any sort of website. The friendly navigation in phpstorm improves the efficiency of developers by understanding where he wants to go and takes him there immediately without any delay. Know more about phpstorm here.



7. Phalcon – The great speed only comes up with Phalcon which is known for the fastest PHP framework ever built! It also provides powerful ORM which allows you to manipulate the database records as classes and objects. It is a full-stack PHP framework delivered as a C-extension. Know more about Phalcon here.



8. Symfony –  It is mainly a set of reusable PHP components and a web application framework. Here one can choose any of the 50 stand-alone components available for your own applications. Put an end to repetitive coding tasks and enjoy the power of controlling your code the way you want. Know more about Symfony here.



9. CakePHP –  Now building any web application is simpler, faster and most important you don’t require much coding. Rapidly build prototypes, no configuration required and most important it is very secured. You will love the continually expanding suite of utilities, plugins, and development patterns. Know more about CakePHP here.


10. CodeIgniter – Wanna create full-featured web applications, then CodeIgniter is the best framework which is Powerful and lightweight. CodeIgniter consistently outperforms if you don’t believe us then give it a try and see the results. Know more about CodeIgniter here.


If you have anything in your mind or you have your own favorite tools which we missed here in this blog, kindly comment below.