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1. Greet your interviewer with a smile

This is very important in the context of job interview. Be mindful of how you behave with everyone you meet in the coporate premises and ensure that you greet everyone with a smile. Imagine that if you are selected and start wokring in this company how would you like others to treat you, respect you, so present yourself well. Anyone you encounter on your way of interview like security guard, receptionist, etc. may be asked to give a feedback on you.

2. Make sure your cell phone is switched off...not on vibrate

Make sure that you turn off your cell phone before you enter the interview room. Do not keep it on vibration mode and nor place it on the table. This shows that you are not 100% focussed on the interview. Also, do not speak to anyone immediately after the interview within the company premises. In case you have to take any notes, make sure at that time also you do not note it on your phone. Be organized and carry a pen and notepad.

In case of any emergency calls to be attended, you can turn on your voice mail so you can listen to your messages after the interview.

3. Firm Handshake

Be the first one to reach out. Also make sure that you have a proper eye contact while shaking hands. This shows your confidence level.Get the right grip and hold firmly. Don't squeeze it so hard that it hurts. Give it a pump or two before releasing. It is a way of connecting with someone on another level aside from a conversation.

4. Arrive 15 minutes early...but not sooner

Always be punctual. Allow yourself enough time to arrive at least 15 minutes before the scheduled time taking the address and traffic into consideration. Arriving on time is the first good impression that you make on the employer. It shows that you value thier and your time as well.

5. Follow-up with a thank you note

Follow-up with a thank you email within 24 hours of the interview. This can be a quick note simply thanking them for their time or a longer note that elaborates on some of the things you talked about. If you had mutliple interviewers then it is best to send a personalized thank you note to each person who interviewed you.

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