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You are bound to face some difficult and tricky questions any time when you appear for a job interview. Remember that there are neither right nor wrong answers but do consider job requirements and company culture before you respond. Some questions can be as follows:

1. Questions about co-workers and supervisors:

You might be asked to share your experiences with your cooleagues and supervisors. This is ussually asked to understand how well do you fit in a team working environment. Try to keep your answer positive side even when you may be tempted to criticize someone you worked with. Some examples can be:

How did you help a team member?

Have you misjudged somebody?

How do you get along with senior (junior) members?

2. Questions about your abilities or personality:

Here the interview wants to see the type of personality that you have. Reexamine yourself. These can be uncomfortable questions digging into the core of your personality. Your answer will help the interviewer determine whether you are a good match for the organization. Some examples can be:

What motivates you?

How do you handle stress?

Do you consider yourself successful or lucky?

How do you balance work and life?/

3. Questions on "What are your weaknessess?"

Every person has some strenghts and weaknesses. The interviewer here wants to know how honest, positive and focused you are in terms of overcoming your weaknesses and finding solutions ot the problems. You should never say that "I don't have any." Some examples can be:

What have you learned from your mistakes?

Are you disappointed about anything in your life?

What do people most ofetn critize about you?

4. The "Why do you want to leave/ change/ switch your job?" questions:

This is one of the toughest questions you will face if you are not leaving on a postive note with your present company or you are being fired. An honest, well-thought-out answer can get you through this round of questioning. Best practice is to keep it simple, stay positive, and end on an upbeat note. Some examples can be:

Why are you intersted in lesser pay or lower designation job?

What feedback do you think will your employer give about you?

Why has there been a gap in your employment?

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