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General body posture can have as much impact as the words coming from your mouth. Poor body language can reduce your chances of acing your job interview. So. if you're looking to make a positive impact in a job interview, here are a few body language cues to ditch:

1. Poor eye contact

Having minimum or no eye contact are usually considered as a sign of disinterest or untrustworthy. On the other hand good eye contact helps you connect and convey a friendly personality and self-confidence.

2. Fidgeting

Ba as calm as possible during an interview. Tapping your foot continously, fidgeting with your hair, touching your face, fiddling with your pen, etc can all be viewed a s a sign or nervousness. Moreover it is also signals as lack of focus and can be a real distraction for you and the interviewer.

3. Slouching

Most interviews are not that lengthy that you can't sit straight for 30 minutes. Slouching could be interpreted as disinterest, lack of confidence, depression, uneasiness, and even unhappiness with yourself or the situation of the moment. Good posture shows confidence and reflects that you can positively represent the company.

4. Too Much Hand and Arm Movements

Hand and Arm gestures are a good way to exude energy and build rapport with interviewers, but don't take it too far. While it is a good way to shoe your interest and make a point, but too much of it can also lead to irritation and can also make the hiring manager uncomfortable. Try keeping your arms bent and your hands at desk or chest level.

5. Looking at your phone

Smartphones are ubiquitous, and we glance at them almost automatically now, without even thinking. Don’t make this mistake in the interview. Don't keep your phone in your hand, on your lap and certainly not on the interview table. It indicates that you are not respectful of the interviewer's time. Even if it is visible for some or other reason, don't keep glancing on it.

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