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A job interview is just the beginning of a conversation. It is very important to follow-up after the interview and the reason may be any of the following:

1. Thanking the interviewer for thier time

One should send a thank-you note to all the interviewers involved in the interview process within 24 hours. This can be done via email thanking them for their time. Be brief, friendly and show gratitude. Mention anything that you forgot to mention during the interview. You can also use to this opportunity to address and correct any mistake you made during the interview.

2. Just a check-in or follow-up on the interview process

Following up after 10-15 days of the interview can be a little difficult. However don't worry, this follow-up is normal and professional part of the process. Keep the following in mind while doing this:

      a. Don't conclude that you are not qualified enough to get the job and therefore they did not contact you. Sometimes there are 2-3 good candidates to decide on.

    b. Wait for the deadline/ timeframe for them to respond. The hiring process takes time - interviewer feedback, documentation, reference/ background checks, etc before a candidate is decided to be hired. So be patient and follow-up after the desired time frame has passed.

3. To stay-in touch for any future opportunity

Even if you don’t get the job, it is always good to have the employer in your network. Treat them as a valuable contact for any future opportunity. This means keeping the conversation going by periodically sending information that might be relevant to them, congratulating them on recent accomplishments, and thanking them for their replies. Keep yourself updated on professional networks like LinkedIn.

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