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Discussion around money can be a little awkward for some people, especially when it come to salary negotiations. You may be worried that the figure you quote might either be too high or too low. Therefore it is best to wait for the employer to make an offer and then negotiate in terms of the salary. One can keep the following tips in mind while negotiating the same:

1. Know what is your market value

Do your research in terms of what other people are earning doing similar work in your industry and in your location. Nowadays, this information is available through word of mouth, job sites, glassdoor, and other mediums. Be realistic with the numbers based on propoer feedback and evidence.

2. Delink your salary from your last paycheck

Usually companies make an offer on the basis of the candidate's last salary and offering a certain percentage hike on that figure. However, if you are underpaid then you can use this opportunity to ask for a salary that meets the industry standards. In case you are already on the higher side, then list the skills and qualifications which bring value to the company to convince your employer of your worth.

3. Study the salary structure

Companies provide a break-up of the salary structure to explain how they came up with a number that may be way off where you are or expect to be. Usually the salaries are sturctures to minimize the tax burden by including allowances, incentives and other benefits for you to get more of salary. Similarly, some companies offer lower base salaries but provide other perks which have the potential to reduce other costs.

4. Negotiate

At times, employer offers you lower salary because they expect you to negotiate. Be confident, polite and ready to compromise.Also, be careful not to seem desperate, pleading or apologetic. See if there is room for negotiation and then demonstrate why you deserve more money. Don't bring up any personal reasons about why you need money as that would be very unprofessional.Engage confidently and get the best deal for yourself.

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