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Researching about the potential employer is one of the best ways to stand-out during the interview process.  It is also the best way to know what the company does and what they for in the candidate. Mentioned below are some of the things you should learn about your potential employer:

1. Visit their company website

Visiting the company's website is the first step towards your company research. It provides a lot of information on the organization's mission and vision statement and history, products and services, clients, customers and management, as well as information about the company culture. You can also go through the annual reports of the company to know about their financial health.

2. Social Media

Go through the company's social media accounts on, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages. It will help to know how the company views its customers and maintain relations with them. Like or follow the company to get updates. You'll find information you may not have found otherwise.

3. Read up on the competitors

It is very important to know about the company's competitors to let the employer know that you are aware about the overall industry and know the move of the competitors as well. Be prepared with the SWOT analysis knowing the successes and the flaws of the competitors as well. This is bound to impress the interviewers.

4. Tap your connections

If you know somebody from the company, ask them if they can help you with some more information about the company. See if you have any of your alumni or ex-classmates working with them. Connect with them over LinkedIn to get some extra information.

5. The person interviewing you

Find out who would be interviewing you and go through their LinkedIn profile. This will give you an advantage during the interview because you’ll have a better chance of connecting with them and sparking a meaningful conversation.

6. Company Reviews on Glassdoor

Consider looking up for the company on Galssdoor. The interview questions and reviews posted by former and current employees provides a lot of valuable information for job seekers. You can find out what candidates for the positions you are interviewing for were asked and get advice on how tough the interview was. One can also get an insight into the company's culture.

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